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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pufflings: Enchanting Food

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Today we are introducing Enchanting Food for the Pufflings.

It is available at the Pufflings main store, and at our satellite shop at Shamrock Market.

What is Enchanting Food for?

When a Puffling goes too long without food, either inworld or in your inventory, the enchantment that originally created the little bird wears off, and he reverts to the cream puff he once was. Cream puffs, true to their natures, cannot breed or play. To renew the enchantment and return them to the happy, enthusiastic Pufflings they once were, you have several options.

One, you can purchase and use Enchantment Dust, which instantly re-enchants them


Two, you can feed them - letting them eat for 24 hours will re-enchant your Pufflings.

Any Puffling that is version 1.2 or later can eat its way out of Disenchantment by eating Omni Food. Earlier versions--1.0 and 1.1--cannot eat Omni Food until they have been updated to the current version, and cannot be updated until they are out of Disenchantment.

So: Enchanting Food, while it will feed any Puffling, is intended to be used to re-enchant 1.0 and 1.1 Pufflings. Feed it to them while they are coming out of Disenchantment, and then once they are no longer cream puffs, you can update them and they will happily eat Omni Food. If you have leftover old-style food, that will work just as well to get older version Pufflings re-enchanted.

You do not need Enchanting Food unless you have older version Pufflings who are Disenchanted *AND* you have no old-style food for them to eat *AND* you do not want to use Enchantment Dust.

If you have had any other problems since the update--including difficulties with Sepia eye textures--please do not hesitate to file a ticket at our support portal, and we will do our best to fix up your Puffling!

And, last but not least: the days are getting longer and longer, and the bunnies of Oz are VERY busy planning their trip to the beach! They're patching their floaty rafts and beach balls, shaking last year's sand out of their swimsuits, and lecturing the excited baby bunnies about not swimming until one hour after eating Omni Food. They're all going to the beach, and all of YOU are invited too--so watch the blog, stock up on sunscreen, and practice your surfing, because your invitation will be here before you know it!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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