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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pufflings Paragon "Beatrice"!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Silas is a happy little Puffling, hopping around and exploring the brightly colored modern world. Even though he is sepia-toned and his tastes run towards things some of the other Pufflings call "antique", he likes seeing all of the progress made in the last hundred years.

But... there's one thing that has haunted him: how will he ever find a mate? An old-fashioned girl like himself? Silas has many lady friends among the other Pufflings, but hasn't met just the right one... yet.

Many of you have asked this, too, so we are very happy to announce the release of the Puffling paragon "Beatrice"!

The limited edition Beatrice arrives in a sepia-toned birdhouse. Sure to captivate Silas, she is dressed in the latest 1913 fashions. She will only be available through Wednesday, June 19th, from the Pufflings main store and from the Ozimals satellite shop at Shamrock Market. Just as all Silases were male, all Beatrices are female.

Beatrice has a limited-edition genetic trait that she can pass to her offspring; this trait will not be available from any other source.

Here is some important information about next week's Puffling update and Beatrice! We know there will be questions about Beatrice's food and whether the eggs will be "updated" next week, so hopefully this will answer those for you.

1/ Beatrice comes with a standard Level 2 food. As of the update, all of the food we sell will be the new Omni Food, which feeds both bunnies and Pufflings. The food in Beatrice's box will not change, however--though it will of course still work, like any current food, after the update.

2/ Any Pufflings "starter" egg--an egg purchased directly from Ozimals instead of from another breeder--has its genetics set when it is first rezzed. This means that any starter egg, whether from the first week of Pufflings or from this week, including Beatrice, "learns" its genetics when you rez it, pulling from the current gene pool. Still with me? Okay, so this means that if you buy Beatrice today, and rez the egg today, your Beatrice will have 1.1 genetics. If you buy Beatrice today, and rez the egg after the update, your Beatrice will have 1.2 genetics. Please remember that it is not when the starter egg is KINDLED, but when it is first rezzed, that counts--and that this only applies to starter eggs, not to any that your Pufflings have created.

3/ Whichever set of genetics your Beatrice has, she will always have the limited-edition trait; the updated genetics won't affect that.

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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