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Monday, July 15, 2013

Beach Pufflings Gacha and Holiday Paragon!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Seeing the bunnies having so much fun on the beach has made the Pufflings jealous. Worried that the tiny birds might be overwhelmed by the ocean waves, Ozma forbade any of them to go to the beach without some safety precautions.

We are happy to introduce the beach Pufflings gacha! Like the bunny gachas, it is L$50 per play, and contains the following:

FOUR Surfboards in exclusive Puffling orange!
FOUR beach towels in exclusive Puffling orange!
SEVEN "common" Pufflings with "Wingfloats" wings, in Evergreen, Ink, Snow, Chiffon, Flamingo, Mocha, or Chartreuse!
SEVEN "common" Pufflings with "Innertube" bodies, in Evergreen, Ink, Snow, Chiffon, Flamingo, Mocha, or Chartreuse!
ONE "rare" Puffling Paragon, with a Limited Edition trait!

The Pufflings that come from these eggs will not necessarily look like the ones in the picture, as their non-exclusive traits can vary; for example, a Puffling with Ink Wingfloats could have any body color, crest style, eye color, etc, that is in the current starter eggs, but it WILL have Ink Wingfloats.

Wingfloats and Innertube, as well as the secret LE trait in the rare Paragon, will only be available from this gacha, though they can be passed to the offspring of these Pufflings.

The Puffling Paragon itself will only be available from this gacha, though like all Paragons, its design is a "costume" and cannot be inherited by its offspring.

The Puffling gachas are set up on Ozimals Beach, right by the bunny gachas, and at our satellite shop at Shamrock Market!

To celebrate the summer festivities, there is ALSO a holiday Paragon, who can appear randomly from any egg created and hatched by your Pufflings between now and midnight SLT on July 31st. (That's the night of Tuesday/Wednesday, the 30th-31st.)

Happy Hatching and Much <3
Ozimals Team

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