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Friday, October 11, 2013

Hallows' Eve 2013 at Ozimals!

Hello, Ozimals friends, and happy Hallows' Eve!

Late one October night, thick murky fog rolled in from the sea around the Ozimals sim, obscuring everything through the long black hours. When the first rays of weak sunlight arrived the next morning, the beach that had been the bunnies and Pufflings' summer home had vanished, swallowed up by a deep, dark swamp, flickering with mysterious lights. The Good Witches set out to explore its hidden heart, and, oh, what they found there...!

Zombeh Bunneh 2013 Holiday Elite bunny: This creepy little nest will produce a random-gender Zombeh Bunneh 2013 elite bunny, with any possible ear type and any currently available shade except Dusky. These bunnies will only be available in this pack, and only until Sunday, November 3, 2013. Also in the pack is one Hallows' Eve 2013 Omni Standard Food, a decorative copy of the food, and one 13-use transferable bunny nest dye!

Momba 2013 Puffling Paragon: This sinister egg will produce a female Momba 2013 Paragon, available only from this pack and only until Sunday, November 3, 2013. These Pufflings have the chance of carrying the new Hooked Beak--this trait will only be available from the Momba 2013 Paragons, but can be passed to their offspring. Also in the pack is a limited-edition Puffling birdhouse that will make your Momba feel right at home!

Hallows' Eve 2013 Omni Standard Food: Like all Omni foods, this will feed both bunnies and Pufflings. The pack includes one limited edition Hallows' Eve Standard Level 2 Omni food cupcake, as well as a decorative copy (just for decoration; it is not food and will not feed your pets!) and one 13-use transferable bunny nest dye. With this pack, you can provide extra tricks and treats for all of your pets!

All three packs are available exclusively inworld, at the following locations:

Pufflings Main Store
Ozimals Main Store
Ozimals Satellite Shop @ Shamrock Market

Remember! There are only four more days left in the Ozimals Design A Bunny contest! You still have a chance to enter, though - please see our earlier blog post for the details!

Much spooky <3
Ozimals Team

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