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Monday, October 7, 2013

Hallows' Eve draws closer--so does the Design A Bunny contest deadline!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Many of the things we associate with modern Halloween were not yet in vogue when L. Frank Baum first introduced us to Oz; the phrase "trick or treat" was still thirty years in the future. Time passes in Oz, too, though, and nowadays Halloween is celebrated in Oz just as it is here. So, just as here, as the days are getting shorter and colder, Munchkins are deciding on their costumes, while Quadlings are in their kitchens preparing mountains of treats. The Winkies are raking their yards clear of great drifts of leaves, in preparation for Halloween parties, while the Gillikins labor over decorations--the giant purple squashes native to Gillikin Country make spectacular jack o'lanterns!

Late in the summer, we had said there would be an update in October, but we've decided against this. The workshop has become quite crowded with past and future Hallows' Eve Paragons and elites, though, and they are spooky! They keep frightening the baby bunnies--who are never totally convinced even when the elites peek out of their costumes to reassure them--and newly-hatched Pufflings, who keep hopping across the lawns in peeping little gangs, planning Halloween tricks as payback for being frightened. We're excited to share them with you, so that all of you can have the fun of Halloween in Oz, too; we'll be announcing the special 2013 Hallows' Eve releases later this week!

Speaking of costumes, this is the FINAL WEEK to enter the Design A Bunny contest! All entries are due at midnight SLT on the evening of next Tuesday, October 15th! If you have EVER dreamed of a bunny you wished you could have, now is your chance! Please see the earlier blog post about the contest for all of the details!

Stay tuned! I hear creepy noises in the distance, and I think they're getting closer!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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