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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Inspire 2013 Elite Bunny @ Toys For Tots Expo!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Inspire 2013 elite bunny!

The Toys For Tots Breedables Expo opens on Wednesday, November 20th, at noon SLT! Ozimals is happy to support Toys For Tots--you can read more about their work at the Toys For Tots website. This event will run through the evening of Sunday, November 24th, with vendors and live music and many other attractions, so don't miss it!

Ozimals has created a special bunny for this event, the Inspire 2013 elite, which can only be purchased at the Ozimals area at the Expo. Once the Expo is over, this bunny will be off sale forever.

We are doing things a little differently with this bunny, so read carefully!

The Inspire 2013 elite bunny is a version 2.6 bunny, with a special elite "costume", like any other elite. Previously, we'd said this bunny would carry some new genetics, but because of the need to thoroughly test our upcoming update to the bunnies, and our excitement about this Toys For Tots event and eagerness to participate, we decided the best way to release an elite for the charity AND give buyers some new traits with their purchase was as follows:

When you buy one of these bunnies, you will receive:
*One random-gender v2.6 Inspire 2013 nest with unlocked ears and shades
*One limited-edition Standard L2 Omni Food
*One decorative cupcake - it doesn't feed your pets, but lets you "keep" the limited-edition food as a souvenir
*One 10x Inspire nest dye
*One Ozimals Inspire Bunny Ticket

Cherish bunny: the exclusive reward for your Inspire Bunny Ticket!

We'll be doing a bunny update soon. After the update, in December, you can turn in your Bunny Ticket to receive a SECOND limited-edition bunny, Cherish. This bunny will have a limited-edition breedable fur, as well as a chance at a limited-edition breedable eye, and will ONLY be available in exchange for the Inspire Bunny Ticket. Both the eye and the fur are exclusive to this bunny, and cannot be obtained through other 2.7 starter bunnies.

In other words, your purchase gets you TWO bunnies: one elite, and one with exclusive new breedable trait(s). Complete instructions for redeeming your Bunny Ticket are included in the box.

See you at the Expo! And remember, there's much more wintery goodness on the way; check out the Ozimals Winter Forecast for a refresher!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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