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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ozimals Winter Forecast!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

We hope you got more treats than tricks last week and enjoyed Hallows' Eve! We're well into planning for the winter holidays, so here's a little overview of what lies ahead for Ozimals!

First--a bunny update! We're planning to update the bunnies this month--don't worry, we'll get it done before Thanksgiving--to make space for all of the holiday goodness that is on its way. Be sure to watch this blog and the groups for more information as we get closer to the update!

Next, all of you are aware of Ozimals's longtime support of Relay For Life of Second Life. This year is no different, so we are terrifically excited about the Magic of Christmas Breedables Fair! This event, benefiting RFL, opens on Sunday, December 1, and runs for two weeks, through Sunday, December 15.

We are planning a special bunny to be sold at our booth at the fair, with the proceeds going to RFL. This bunny will have a chance to pass a limited edition breedable trait!

Every year, the Breedables Fair hosts an auction of one-of-a-kind breedable pets. This year, we are participating with something we've never offered before. There will be a one-of-a-kind elite bunny in this auction, one who looks utterly unlike any other bunny... but ALSO, this bunny will have a special breedable trait that no other bunny will offer. This trait can be passed to this bunny's offspring - so if you win the auction, you will be the only bunny breeder who can produce this trait, unless or until you share or sell some of your bunny's babies. We can't wait for this auction, and hope we can help RFL break some records this year!

Our winter plans for Ozimals also include holiday Paragon Pufflings, an elite kindling period for holiday elite bunnies, and a holiday bunny gacha. The gacha bunnies this time will have special breedable furs, exclusive to the gacha, and rares will carry limited-edition traits!

Thank you very much to everyone who entered the Design A Bunny Contest! All of the bunnies mentioned above are based on contest entries, and we'll be announcing the winning designers' names and giving them their prizes in December!

If you haven't been to the main store recently, stop by and check it out--we have a new store build! To celebrate, katat0nik has made a new exclusive dress: BunnyCakes! There are mesh demos at the Ozimals store, and the dress is available in four colors as well as a discounted fatpack!

See you soon!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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