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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Guardian 2013 Bunny: One of a Kind!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Some of you will remember the Dark Phoenix Puffling, a one-of-a-kind Puffling we donated to the RFL Auction For Life two winters ago. This year, we have created a one-of-a-kind bunny, Guardian 2013. This bunny is based on one of the entries from the Design-a-Bunny contest, and will be the ONLY bunny ever to have this design. The proceeds will, of course, go to Relay For Life of SL.

Guardian 2013 One Of A Kind Bunny!

The Guardian 2013 bunny DOES have an exclusive breedable trait, which can be passed to its offspring--the winner of this bunny will be the only bunny breeder who can produce this trait, until/unless he or she chooses to sell/trade the Guardian's offspring.

The winner will be able to specify gender, ear type, and shade for the bunny he or she receives.

Also included with the bunny:
   Six months of Level 3 Archetype Omni food for one bunny
   Two 100% Lurve potions
   One Size 15 grow potion
   One Guardian nest dye with three designs and 100 charges

Our display space at the auction is number ten, so you can go see and bid on this bunny - remembering that the winner's actual bunny will have gender/ear/shade the winner wants, not necessarily what's on the display bunny!

The way the auction works: Silent Auction bidding begins on Tuesday, December 3, and runs through 4:00 pm SLT on Saturday, December 7. The highest bid on each item from the Silent Auction will be the starting bid in the Live Auction, which begins at 11:00 am SLT on Sunday, December 8th. If no live bids are placed to beat it, the top Silent Auction bid will win the item.

You MUST pre-register by midnight SLT, Saturday, December 7, to participate in the Live Auction! More information about the auction and a pre-registration form are available from!

While you are at the Fair, scoping out the Guardian bunny, don't miss the booths from Ozimals markets like
Shamrock Market @ RFL and Krazy Kritters Market @ RFL. Additionally, members of the Ozimals community have filled gacha machines with donated Puffling eggs and bunny nests, all to benefit RFL, at Market Nest/Egg Gachas @ RFL!

If your head is spinning from all of our events right now, here is a quick recap!
   Winter Holiday Bunny Gachas began today!
   Dream 2013 Limited Edition bunny is on sale now through December 15!
   Winter Holiday elite kindling period begins Sunday, December 8!
   Cherish bunny tickets from the Inspire 2013 packs are being accepted now!

Winter holiday Puffling Paragons are yet to come, followed by a glimpse into early 2014... Stay tuned!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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