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Friday, September 13, 2013

Fur & Feathers Fun Fair starts today!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

We are always excited for events organized by the Ozimals community, and this week there is a huge slew of them, all as part of the Fur & Feathers Fun Fair, a week-long event hosted by breeders of Pufflings and bunnies, and sponsored by Krazy Kritters Breedables Market and Shamrock Market & Auctions. 

The Fun Fair is just like a real-world country fair, with contests, dances, exhibits, fireworks, games, auctions, bunny races, rides, fishing, and many more attractions! The whole thing begins this afternoon, with a kickoff celebration at Krazy Kritters at 4 pm SLT, and continues with tonight's auction at Shamrock at 5 pm SLT, followed by fireworks at Krazy Kritters at 7 pm SLT. A complete schedule of the week's events and their locations is available from kiosks at both markets:

Krazy Kritters Information Kiosk
Shamrock Market Information Kiosk

It is such a treat to see the community creating events like these; this is a great chance to have fun with fellow breeders and talk about your pets! Don't forget, too, if you take pictures at the fair, to add them to the Ozimals Flickr pool!

Remember that you have just a little over a month left to enter the Ozimals Winter Holiday Design-a-Bunny contest--entries are due October 15th!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Friday, September 6, 2013

Warning! Wonder Warren Window Waning!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

To remind you all, there are only a few more days before Wonder Warrens are no longer available; they will go off-sale on Monday, September 9th.

These packs contain very special bunnies, which, instead of the standard "starter" furs, have "shown" furs that will only be available from Wonder Warren packs. These are breedable traits, of course, and can be passed to these bunnies' children, but will not be available again from Ozimals. Besides these limited edition furs, the nests in the Wonder Warren packs also have the chance of the new eyes and furs added to all starter nests in update 2.6, and everything that comes in a standard warren pack is also included in the Wonder Warren. These packs are available inworld only, at the Ozimals main store and at the Ozimals satellite shop at Shamrock Market.

Mini Rex Too Castor (WW exclusive fur!), Luzula eye! Photo by Bea Shamrock--thanks, Bea! 

Many many pictures of the Wonder Warren furs, as well as the new 2.6 genetics, have been posted to the Ozimals Flickr pool, so be sure to take a look! And thank you very much to everyone who has posted pictures! We'll be updating Ozaria shortly to reflect the traits which have been discovered thus far.

If you were not able to attend our recent Community Meeting, one of the things we discussed was the plan for the next few months. Those of you who've been with us for some time know that Hallow's Eve and the Winter Holidays are always grand occasions for Ozimals. In addition to these, early January brings our fourth "Oziversary". Besides celebrating these holidays, we have new genetics to add to the bunnies and the Pufflings in the coming months, too.

However, what we'd really like to focus on is upgrading the bunnies' code to work more like the Pufflings' code. Through your purchase of the Wonder Warren, you not only get cool new exclusive stuff, but move us closer to this goal. Re-coding the bunnies would give us much more flexibility in adding new genetics, meaning far fewer updates for you! We hear you when you ask for more new furs and eyes more quickly, but until the bunnies' code is reworked, that just means more and more updates.

We also anticipate that there would be fewer problems for you that would necessitate filing tickets for your bunnies. Of course, there's still nothing we can do about SL's occasional moments of bunny-envy; "being eaten" can happen to any object in your inventory, but we are happy to work with you to return your missing pets. However, new code WOULD help some of the non-LL difficulties--things that have been patched as well as possible within the confines of the way the bunnies were originally designed, but could work so much better if rewritten from scratch.

There are many things that we think, "If we'd known then what we know now, that would have been coded differently," and this is our chance to fix them. Did you know that when bunnies were released, Candy and Malk expected a big breeder to have maybe forty bunnies at the most? Since many of you have hundreds, that sounds funny NOW, but re-coding would let us help the bunnies adapt to how their owners DO keep bunnies, rather than how we EXPECTED them to!

Everything has its time and season, though. We do have to weigh further investments--especially big ones like re-coding from the ground up!--in the bunnies against the size of the community and the level of support with which that community entrusts us. We are more appreciative than you can imagine for those of you who have stuck with us all of this time, from the owners who have fields of bunnies stretching to the horizon to the ones who have a contented pair of pets, and we're happy that there are still new people, first-time owners, on our list every morning. We'd love to give you the things you are asking for--we need your support, your trust, and your evangelism to do that.

Remember, entries for the Design a Holiday Bunny contest are due October 15th! Stay tuned to group notices and the blog for a post soon about the Fur & Feather Fun Fair, a community-organized event that begins next week, and more information about Hallow's Eve 2013 from Ozimals!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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