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Monday, March 10, 2014

Ozimals Food Bonuses Explained

Hello, Ozimals friends!

We've lowered the prices of Level 2 Premium and Level 3 Archetype omni foods. You may know that these foods give bonuses to your Ozimals pets--but what does that actually MEAN? (While this post uses bunny terminology, our food also boosts the corresponding Pufflings stats: Bliss, Zip, and Charm!)

Level 2 Premium food, like Level 2 Standard, enables your pets to gain love and breed. Premium also boosts Love and Energy by 2.5%, and Happiness by 5%. What this means is that your pets will gain Love more quickly--those percentages don't sound like a lot, but they make a big difference! There is MUCH less of this:

Your pets also gain an Energy boost. They move through the sleep part of their sleep/wake cycle more quickly, regaining Energy at a faster rate than pets eating lower-level food. Overall, they gain Love faster, spend more time ready to breed once they're at 100% Love, and make me do a lot less howling in frustration.

Level 3 Archetype doubles the Love and Energy bonuses to 5%, and Happiness to 7.5%, so it's all of the above only more so!

If you keep in mind the ways to boost Happiness--nearby friends, Matriarchs or Patriarchs of Euphoria, Happy Stumps, etc--and combine them carefully with Level 3 food, your bunnies could start gaining love while their Energy is still up in the 90s, and, via the food's boost to Energy, KEEP gaining love far longer than a bunny eating Level 2 Standard.

Alice, in the image below, is gaining while at 94% energy, using only the boosts from Level 3 and Happeh, a Patriarch of Euphoria, sitting next to her. If you feed your pets Level 2 Standard and have watched them gain love, you know that eating Standard, their energy needs to be much lower, usually in the 70s, for them to be happy enough to start gaining. Alice has increased the length of her Love-gaining window by around 50%, and is gaining love much faster, which means she'll be ready to breed much sooner!

I tested a pair of bunnies while writing this, hoping to illustrate the ocean of difference between Level 2 Standard and Level 3 Archetype. Both bunnies started at 0 Love, 75 Energy, and 65 Happy. Within 90 seconds, the bunny eating Level 3 had white text and was gaining love, but it took the Level 2 bunny nearly an hour to begin gaining love. After two hours, they looked like this:

By the time they fell asleep, the Archetype bunny was 24 points ahead in Love!

Level 3 Archetype food has its own special benefits for bunnies, of course. Bunnies who eat only Archetype food their entire adult lives become, first, Sages, and then Matriarchs or Patriarchs, once their generations are exhausted. These bunnies--like Happeh up there--provide strong boosts to the bunnies around them, and these boosts do stack with boosts from food.

If you would like to breed towards natural elite bunnies, bunnies who still have their asterisk (next to the generations in hovertext; it means they have never eaten anything but Level 3) and are otherwise eligible to produce natural elite babies have their chances doubled. With all of the increases we've made in their base chance over the years, this adds up to a much larger chance at natural elites. Of course, parents don't have to be eating Level 3 to produce a natural elite, but if they ARE, and are otherwise eligible, their chances are far better!

Hopefully this has cleared up some of the mysteries around food boosts!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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