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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ozimals Stores are Moving!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Aeron in Munchkinland ~ Magic of Oz, March 2014

Big news! The Ozimals Main Store and the Ozimals Puffling Store are moving! Our celebration of Easter this year will be taking place on Magic Of Oz, with the participation of the Munchkinland merchants, so we're moving our stores there too!

The Ozimals sim will be whisked away by Oz's mysterious and magical winds, much like Magic of Oz itself was in 2012. Only the Witches know where it is heading and what will go on there once it is inaccessible to non-witches, but we'll be sure to share anything we hear ;)

Shop bunnies getting their first glimpse out the new store window!

When Magic of Oz reappeared, it was completely revamped into a new vision of the land of Oz. If you've never visited, it's a terrific place to take pictures or just wander along the Yellow Brick Road, from the Emerald City to the Witch's Castle to Munchkinland. The shops in Munchkinland feature both long-time Magic of Oz merchants like katat0nik, silent sparrow, and Schadenfreude... and newer additions like Fallen Gods and Half-Deer! We're excited to have our stores there now, too!

Pufflings exploring the Yellow Brick Road! 

Much, MUCH more information about Easter will be announced soon, though you might want to familiarize yourself with Magic of Oz's nooks and crannies before then. (Take a walk, and think, "If I were an egg... where would I hide?") In the meantime, here are your new landmarks!

Ozimals Main Store and Bunnybury Vendor

Ozimals Puffling Store

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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