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Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Events and Bunny Update 2.9 preview!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Magic Scribe, overcome by egg-hunting eagerness

Congratulations to the discoverers of Liquorice Starbunny and Meringue Starbunny, some of the new natural elites, as well as to those who've enjoyed the new 2.8 genetic traits from their bunnies. Many many MANY things are happening next week, so here's a preview to help you plan! Mark your calendars!

Monday, April 14, will bring Bunny Update 2.9. This update is not mandatory--this means that your bunnies will continue to eat for two weeks if not updated immediately--but un-updated bunnies cannot produce Easter holiday elites or breed with updated bunnies.

Version 2.9 "starter" bunnies, purchased in packs from Ozimals once the update is released, will have a chance at new genetic traits. The update release notes on Monday will detail when nests available from the Bunnybury vendor will be updated to include 2.9 traits.

Also on Monday, a limited-edition pair pack of Easter elites will be available directly from Ozimals! These bunnies will also include the chance of new traits.

Wednesday, April 16th, marks the beginning of a two-week kindling period for Easter elites (different from the ones in the pair pack). These elites can be created by version 2.9 bunnies without any hibernations on their records and with any genetics--the nest must simply be created and kindled within the two-week period to have a chance at producing a special holiday elite!

Also on Wednesday, the Ozimals Easter Egg Hunt begins on the Magic of Oz sim! We'll post more information then, but there are exclusive prizes to be won from Munchkinland merchants ~silentsparrow~, Schadenfreude, Half-Deer, *katat0nik*, Pixel Mode, Cubic Cherry Kre-ations, Fallen Gods Inc., and, of course, Ozimals! Ozimals prizes include a Happiness/Bliss-boosting totem, festive Energy/Zip-boosting treats, AND... a limited-edition bunny elite that will ONLY be available from this hunt! The hunt will run for one week, through April 23rd.

We'll be telling you more about all of these things, and especially about the hunt, next week! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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