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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bunny Games Registration & More Info!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Registration for the 2014 Ozimals Bunny Games began today! It is first-come, first-serve, and there are a limited number of spots available. (Check out Monday's post for a refresher about Bunny Racing.) A quick review:

You create or join a race group with three other people. Your group has a name, but also is one of four groups representing each region of the land of Oz. When the races begin, your group will race bunnies against each other for the Quarterfinals, and the winner from your group continues to the Semifinals.

In the Semifinals, you're playing for the right to represent your region of Oz in the finals, so the four winners from each region race bunnies against each other. There will be four winners from this round: one to represent each regional team: the Gillikin Gladiators, the Munchkin Marauders, the Winkie Warriors, and the Quadling Questers.

These four winners will race against each other in the Finals, to determine an overall Bunny Games Champion!

There will be prizes for the winners at all levels, including:
Quarterfinals winners: exclusive elite bunny created solely for this event!
Semifinals winners: exclusive elite bunny created solely for this event, plus winners’ choice of one of two sets of Summer Blockbuster gacha bunnies!
Finals winner: exclusive elite bunny created solely for this event, plus both sets of Summer Blockbuster gacha bunnies! Additionally, the members of this winner’s original race group will all receive the exclusive elite.

Races will begin on the day of Ozimals Bunny Update 3.0, scheduled for Monday, July 7, 2014. The update will contain a number of tweaks and additions, but most importantly, the Summer Blockbuster Bunny Gacha, featuring themed elites with limited edition breedable traits available through a random gacha machine for a low price!

Please note the following important points!

1: There will be a special racetrack used for these races, available for free from Ozimals starting on update day. There will be public tracks on Magic of Oz and at Shamrock Market, or you can use your own. These special 2014 tracks will vanish after the 2014 races have concluded. Your current racetracks, for those of you who have them, will not record your group's progress--you must use the 2014 track!

2: If we see you using alts, you will be disqualified. You may play as ONE avatar in ONE race group!

3: Please use family-friendly language in naming your race groups. Like it says in the SL guidelines, if you would blush telling your grandmother about it, please do not use it.

How to register:

You must have an Ozaria account to compete. If you do not yet have one, here's how to register--it's free! 

If at any point in this process, you get an error stating that the page "isn't redirecting properly", you need to back up to the Ozaria front page and be sure you are logged in!

To create a race group: log in to Ozaria, view your profile:

Select "View" once you've logged in "Bunny Games" in the left-hand menu...

Click "Bunny Games"!

and "Create Group". 

Create or Search groups from the Bunny Games screen.

When you create a group, you'll need a name for your race group and a 256x256 thumbnail image to represent it, and the site will ask you to pick a team representing a region of Oz. You cannot go back and add/change these once the group is created, so plan ahead!

What you will see when you select Create Group

If you create a group and it is not full by Friday, June 20th, at 2:00 pm SLT, it will be deleted. If this happens, we will re-open that group's slot, and it will again be first-come, first-serve, for registrants. If this happens to your group and you do not find a spot in a new group, you will not be able to compete, so it's best to make advance plans with the other people you'd like in your race group! (The group creator has no special advantages in the races, just so you know.)

What does "full" mean? Three other people need to join and be approved by the group creator, so that the total number in the group is four.

What group creators will see on the Bunny Games screen if they have pending approvals

To join an already existing group: Log into Ozaria, view your profile, click "Bunny Games" in the left-hand menu, then the button labeled "Search Groups", and find the group you want to join. Group creators will have approval rights, so joining a group of strangers at random is probably unwise--make sure you are joining the correct group, as we will be unable to make edits or rearrange group rosters once they are set!

When you Search Groups and make a selection, this is what you'll see.

What happens next?

Once groups have been finalized, you have some time to practice, making sure your racing bunny is getting a proper diet, plenty of sleep, and enough exercise that he or she will be ready to win on race day! You may run as many practice races as you like, but none will "count" until the games officially begin.

Once update day arrives and the Bunny Games have started, the members of your race group will need to decide amongst yourselves upon a location and time to run your race! The group creator will have a special code--a ladder key--to speak to the racetrack. Once that code's been given, the very next race will be the one that counts towards the Games: each member of the group must participate, with one bunny apiece. The winner of that race will advance, representing your race group, to the Semifinals, where he or she will compete against the other groups in your region of Oz.

Once the Games begin, you must complete your race group's race within a specific number of days. More information about this, and about the Semifinals, will appear here on the blog when the Bunny Games begin.

Happy racing and much <3,
Ozimals Team

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