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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Muahaha! Bunny Update 3.1 Shambles Closer!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

The days are getting shorter--which means the nights are getting longer, darker, and spookier, and that Hallows' Eve is on its way! At the end of September, we'll have a big update for the bunnies to get ready for the holiday, so here's some information to help YOU get ready, too.

Ominous swarms of bats have been flapping blackly down from the Witch's Castle, informing us that Bunny Update 3.1 is scheduled for Monday, September 29th. This will be a non-mandatory update, which means you'll have two weeks before un-updated bunnies stop eating--but you'll want to update quickly, because there are lots of treats coming your way.

While carving pumpkins into terrifying toothy grins, we'll have spooky holiday elites kindling all through October, as well as a ghoulish pair pack of Hallows' Eve elites with a chance at a limited edition eye and including some creepy new tricks to play on your bunnies!

Thanks to arcane contracts signed on crumbling parchments at midnight, this update will introduce a chance of new furs and eyes in starter nests (including the pair pack), though don't give up on your current bunnies: not all of the 3.0 genetic traits have appeared quite yet!

To make it easier for new genetic traits to appear, mysterious lights seen bobbing through the forest at night are coming to retire the biggest batch of older furs and eyes EVER in 3.1. We'll announce the list when the update is released.

At the request of bunny owners--and of sentient globs of slime lurking in nearby dimensions much more wrong than our own--we are adding a Bunny Bond Breaking potion; sometimes you just don't want to wait!

Otherworldly signs and portents tell us that there will be more surprises after the update, too, so make sure you stay close instead of wandering off alone--we'll have more news soon!

Much <3 and big bags of candy,
Ozimals Team

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