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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winter Warren Walk!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

We are always super-excited when members of the Oz community organize events for everyone to enjoy, and one of our very favorites is the Warren Walk! The 2014 Winter Warren Walk is sponsored by the Shamrock Marketplace breedables market.

Want everyone to see how you pamper your awesome Pufflings? Feel like parading your favorite breeding bunnies--or your collection of mutants, or your spectacular elites? Warren Walk is for you!

This will be the fourth Warren Walk (you can see pictures from the previous three by searching the Ozimals Flickr pool!) and we hope it will be the best ever! For those of you who missed the first three, here's how Warren Walk works:

1/ Register in advance to show off your pets. Registration closes at the end of the day, this coming Tuesday, December 2nd. Until then, you can get a registration form and instructions from this sign at Shamrock Market:

Visit Shamrock Marketplace and click this sign for information!

2/ Warren Walk begins on the evening of Friday, December 5th, so you have until then to make sure everything is ready for its closeup! Warren Walk will run from December 5th through December 13th, beginning after the Friday night auction at Shamrock. A kiosk at Shamrock, set up after the 5:00 pm SLT auction on the 5th, will give visitors a notecard directing them to a starting point for the Walk; from there, they can visit all of the registered locations.

3/ You don't have to show your warren in the Walk to enjoy looking at everyone else's, but it is a fun way to meet people in our community and show off your very favorite pets! Warren Walk works much like a "Garden Walk" in RL--as you visit each location, you will receive a landmark to the next spot on the list.

Much more information is available at Shamrock--if you still have questions, please contact Faolain Oconnell inworld--and we'll post again when the Warren Walk begins. Register soon! We want to see your bunnies and Pufflings in all their glory!

See you on Monday for Bunny Update 3.3!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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