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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Pufflings!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

In December of 2011, the Good Witches of Oz threw a birthday party for Ozma, the ruler of the Emerald City and Empress of the Land of Oz. This was not unusual; Ozma's birthday is a holiday, observed every year with parties and fireworks and cake and gift-giving in all of the regions of Oz. The party at the palace in the Emerald City is the grandest and most festive of all of the celebrations, and every year the royal bakers and florists and musicians and firework-makers try to outdo their previous spectacular creations.

No-one tries harder than the Good Witches, who engineer magical gifts and entertainments throughout the evening. In 2011, inspiration struck when they saw an enormous platter of cream puffs being prepared for the party. The two witches worked through the entire afternoon enchanting them, and at a whispered word, there was a flurry of multicoloured feathers, and instead of a tower of cream puffs, there was a tower of tiny magical birds: Pufflings!

The bright little creatures had been meant as party favors for Ozma's guests, but they soon began to multiply; their sugary diet and friendly chirps made them popular companions throughout Oz. People kept them in their houses, their gardens, their parks--and eventually, inevitably, a few Pufflings appeared in our world, too.

Quickly, Puffling-keepers here learned of one of the birds' most mysterious characteristics. Every now and then--with a reason or schedule apparently known only to the Pufflings themselves--there are magical Golden Eggs born to a few lucky Pufflings! These Golden Eggs produce baby Pufflings with a special genetic trait *NOT* inherited from either parent, one which can be passed on to the baby's descendants!

Pufflings do not need specific genetics or special food to produce Golden Eggs; any breeding during the span of Golden Egg Time can produce one of these eggs! No one except the Pufflings knows when Golden Egg Time will begin, though they do make it clear to us when it has ended so that we can pass that information along to Puffling owners.

To celebrate the Pufflings' third year among us, a unique version of Golden Egg Time began a few days ago--Golden Egg Time's Greatest Hits! Fourteen GET genetic traits have returned for one more chance! Remember, there are holiday foods, Bliss totems, and limited edition holiday treats available right now, to speed your Pufflings along and fill them with holiday cheer. Good luck and happy breeding!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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