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Monday, December 8, 2014

Warren Walk is in Full Swing!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

The 2014 Winter Warren Walk began on Friday and is the biggest one yet! To start your tour, click the blue Warren Walk sign at the Shamrock Marketplace Information Hub, and it will give you your first landmark. There's also a box to click for a notecard about how the Walk works!

Participants went all-out this year--there are wonderful spaces for photo ops, lots of treats, some amazing gifts, ice skating, Santa, and of course some great bunnies and Pufflings to peek at! Warren Walk closes this weekend, so don't miss your chance for some holiday fun.

Since there's so much going on right now, a recap is worthwhile. Besides Warren Walk, here's a quick overview of the current news from Oz:

1/ Gacha machines selling male and female limited edition Zodiac bunny elites, all with chances at one of twelve limited edition eyes, are at the Ozimals bunny main store and the Ozimals Satellite Store. These will disappear once the holidays are over.

2/ Limited Edition Holiday Omni Foods, which feed both bunnies and Pufflings and are shaped like tasty winter snowflake cookies, are available at the bunny store, the Pufflings store, and the satellite store. Each box contains a totem which will boost the Happiness of surrounding bunnies and the Bliss of surrounding Pufflings, but will stop working once the holidays are over.

3/ Treats! Limited edition packs of treats - special cookies that boost specific stats - ALSO include the Happiness/Bliss totem. The satellite store has both versions, but otherwise you can find Puffling treats, to boost Charm and Zip, at the Pufflings store, and bunny treats, to boost Love and Energy, at the Ozimals bunny main store. Treats are transferable, too--and will only be sold until the holidays are over!

4/ Holiday elite bunny kindling will begin on Friday evening, December 19th, at midnight SLT, and will only last until New Year's Eve, so get ready! Those treats and totems will come in handy!

There's more to come, in the weeks ahead, for all of our Ozimals pets, so enjoy the holiday season with us, and share your winter fun in the Ozimals Flickr pool!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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