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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Ozimals! This year we are celebrating with a new special green bunny elite, with the chance at two limited-edition traits!

The Leprechaun 2015 elite pack!

The Leprechaun 2015 elite bunny pack is available at the Ozimals Bunny Main Store and at the Ozimals Satellite Shop at Shamrock Market. The box contains one random-gender Leprechaun 2015 elite nest, with unlocked ears and shade. This means that these nests will produce Leprechaun 2015 elite bunnies with any currently available shade and ear type. These bunnies have a chance at carrying two limited-edition genetic traits, which can be passed to their offspring. Also in the box is a 30-day limited-edition Level 2 Standard Omni food. The Leprechaun 2015 elite pack will only be available through the end of March.

It may still not feel so for many of us, but Spring *IS* coming. There are many many different ways, worldwide, that the beginning of the season of growth and new life is celebrated, and we've picked a colorful one to observe this year... stay tuned for details!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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