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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Magic of Oz 2015 Holi Hunt Starts Today!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Magic of Oz presents the 2015 Holi Hunt!

The Magic of Oz 2015 Holi Hunt begins in just a few hours! Starting today at 12 noon SLT, please join us on the Magic of Oz region for hunting madness, great prizes from the Munchkinland merchants, and lots and lots of bright Spring excitement! The hunt will run through Thursday, April 16th.

This year's hunt features gifts from Silent Sparrow, Schadenfreude, katat0nik, Fallen Gods, Half-Deer, Cubic Cherry Kre-ations, Ozimals Pufflings, and Ozimals bunnies! For photos of all of the gifts, and instructions and a landmark for the hunt, please see our previous post (we've added more new pictures).

Here is some more information about the prizes available from Ozimals:

Magic of Oz 2015 Holi Hunt prize from Ozimals Bunnies

Bunny Masks are a fun way to change the look of your favorite bunnies. Each Mask Potion has a set number of charges, just like a Nest Dye. Rez the potion on or near the bunny you'd like to mask, and follow the menu prompts! Remember to pick up the bottle once the bunny has his or her mask on, so that you can use the rest of the charges. 

Masks can be removed by using the "Unmask" button in the "Config" menu when you click your bunny. Masks will NOT persist through updates.

These Holi masks will cover the actual eye color of your bunny, but will not affect the bunny's breeding genetics. There are five different designs, which are boxed in sets of four different cosmetic eye colors! These masks are transferable, so you can trade them with other hunters!

Magic of Oz 2015 Holi Hunt prize from Ozimals Pufflings

This limited edition Puffling Paragon, named Braj 2015, will only be available from this hunt! He (or she! It's a random-gender egg.) and his egg have obviously been busy splattering color powder on everything in their path, but they wear it well. Braj 2015 comes packed in a special limited edition birdhouse, too!

We'd love to see pictures including your prizes from the hunt, or pictures taken on Magic of Oz while hunting! If you put them up on Flickr, please be sure to add them to the Ozimals Flickr group!

And... stay tuned for more Holi-themed Ozimals fun...

Much <3 and happy hunting!
Ozimals Team

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