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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thank you to the Ozimals community for five years!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Thank you so much for celebrating our fifth Oziversary with us! It has been great to meet some of your older favorite bunnies, and to see all of the new Dorothy elites!

We hope you all enjoyed the delicious Free Cake - remember, it vanished last night, so check your bunnies and Pufflings to ensure they all have something to eat for breakfast this morning.

Tiktok Steampunk's Flickr Pic Of The Week awards have returned for the New Year. Join the Ozimals Flickr group (it's free!) and post pictures of your pets to be eligible - it's also a great place to see everyone ELSE'S photos!

We are planning Bunny Update 3.4 for early Feburary, so get ready... new genetics, new elites, and more! We'll be sharing much more information soon, but wanted to give you an early heads-up!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy Oziversary!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Today, January 9, 2015, marks five years since the first bunnies hopped out across the grid. We are more than a little amazed at this, and gratified by the support that all of you have given us--THANK YOU! To celebrate this year's Oziversary, we have a number of limited-time special goodies; read on!

Free Cake!

Free cake! Each box of cake costs L$0 and contains free cake in levels 1, 2, and 3. This food will feed bunnies and Pufflings for one week, until midnight SLT on Friday night, January 16, 2015. When the clock strikes midnight, the cake will disappear, so please remember to replace your pets' regular food when the cake is gone! Also included in the box are unscripted decorative cake slices, in case you'd like to keep a memento.

Free cake is available at both the Ozimals Main Store and the Ozimals Satellite Shop @ Shamrock Marketplace.

Ancient Everlasting Timepiece II: Electric Boogaloo

Ancient Everlasting Timepieces! An Everlasting Timepiece makes a bunny unable to breed, but also unable to hibernate, and never hungry again. Bunnies that have an Everlasting Timepiece applied will lose any Elder status they may have had, and will not boost stats any longer. When Timepieces were first introduced, there was a variation, sold for a limited time: the Ancient Everlasting Timepiece. We are bringing these back for one week, with some slight alterations.

The new Ancient Everlasting Timepiece is half the price of a standard Everlasting Timepiece, and is available singly, or in a pack of five or ten. These Ancient Everlasting Timepieces will ONLY work on version 3.3 bunnies that are at least 1400 days old. There is no time limit on their use, only on their sale--they will only be available for one week, through Friday, January 16, 2015.

Ancient Everlasting Timepieces are available at both the Ozimals Main Store and the Ozimals Satellite Shop @ Shamrock Marketplace.

Birthday Bunny Food! In previous years, we have awarded a year's worth of free food to any active bunny on the grid whose birthday is also January 9th, 2010. Last year, we expanded and improved this offer to include active bunnies born during the first week of Ozimals, and this year we are widening the net once again, to include active bunnies born during all of January 2010. We've made the list, and the owners of these bunnies will receive a special limited-edition Archetype food that will feed one bunny for 365 days! (Or two bunnies for 182 and a half days, or four bunnies for 91 and a quarter days, or... )

Holiday Elite Kindling! A new holiday elite, to celebrate Oziversary, can be created by any pair of 3.3 bunnies who have not hibernated. The kindling period has begun, and lasts for one week, until midnight SLT, Friday evening, January 16th, 2015.

Holiday elite bunnies are special rewards for active bunny breeders--if you've not been with us for previous holiday kindles, here is how they work!

To be eligible, a nest must be both created and kindled during the specified date range. The nest's hovertext will not tell you whether or not the nest is an elite; it must be kindled to find out.

When you kindle a nest created during the date range window, you will see a "No Elite" button in its menu--pressing this button makes the nest ignore its chance to produce a holiday elite, so use it carefully, if at all! Remember, if a nest has a chance to be a natural elite AND a chance to be a holiday elite, natural elite wins-and the "No Elite" button only turns off the holiday elite chance, not the natural elite chance, if one is present.

The genetics of potential holiday elite parents do not affect eligibility; both parents must be updated to the current version, the nest must have been created and kindled during the date window, and both parents must have zero hibernations.

To check the number of hibernations on any bunny: if the bunny is not yours, click the bunny and choose "Ozaria" from its menu. If the bunny is yours, click "Support" and then "Ozaria". This will bring up a web page showing the bunny's number of hibernations, so it's easy to check if a bunny you own or are considering buying is eligible to produce holiday elites!

Happy Oziversary to everyone! We'd love to see you celebrating on Flickr, whether you build a palace of cake or just spend a quiet moment with your new holiday elites and freshly Timepieced old friends!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Thursday, January 1, 2015

GET ends, Zodiac bunnies depart, but the holidays are not quite over.

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Happy 2015! We have lots of exciting goodies coming your way this year!

Golden Egg Time for the Pufflings has ended. We hope everyone got some lucky golden eggs!

The Twelve Days of Kindling for the bunnies, producing the Snowfall and Polar Vortex elites, ended on New Year's Eve. The Zodiac holiday elite bunny gacha machines have vanished in a swirl of snow and stardust; the limited-edition eyes they produced are gradually appearing on Flickr, but have not yet all turned up.

The Ozimals holiday season extends a little longer than the rest of the world's, however; stay tuned for news about Oziversary, the fifth anniversary of Ozimals, which falls on January 9th. Whether you have been with us from day one, or have just kindled your first bunny, there will be treats!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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