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Monday, March 21, 2016

Introducing the second Ozimals Crossing Sign prize bunny: Bunnyball!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Every month, we use magical clockwork to randomly select a winner in our ongoing Ozimals Crossing Sign Contest. Each winner receives a special elite bunny!

All twelve of the first prize bunny, Conductor Bassman, have been given out to the lucky winners--today we are introducing the next bunny in the series: Bunnyball! He hops--he shoots--HE SCORES!


Bunnyball itself is an important part of the culture of the Land of Oz. Wintertime in Oz is short, but bunnies take full advantage of the cold weather to snuggle up and sleep in front of crackling fires, all wrapped up in soft cozy blankets, with enormous supplies of cookies and mugs of rich cocoa so huge they cannot lift them and must lap from them instead.

Once spring arrives, however, bunnies throughout Oz are eager to shake off their winter laziness, get outside in the beautiful spring weather, and PLAY! Their very favorite game is Bunnyball. Much like our "Calvinball", the rules for Bunnyball are subject to change, but it is always fun, and bunnies take their victories very seriously--we hope our prize-winners are ready for a battle with their new elite bunnies!

Ozimals Crossing signs are available at the Ozimals Bunny main store; just inside the front door, there is a box named Big Box O' Ozimals Goodies!. Click it, and it will give you a sign for free!

How to use the sign:

Rez your sign and decide where you would like it to go. Once you've positioned it where you want it, click it once, and it will send its location to us. If you want to move it after you have done this, simply move it, click it, and follow the directions it will give you in chat; this will update your sign's location.

Only you, the sign's owner, can set or reset its location. If other avatars click it, it will give them Ozimals landmarks.

When your sign registers a location, that is your entry for the contest. Registering more signs will overwrite your location; you will still just have ONE entry--so having extra signs out does not boost your chances!

Once a month, we'll select a sign's location at random, and that sign's owner will receive a Bunnyball bunny from Ozimals. (This is why it is important to reset its location if you move it; if your location is picked but there's no sign there, we'll move on to the next potential winner!)

Please keep in mind--your sign needs to be somewhere publicly accessible so we can see it, and you must have active bunnies or Pufflings to win! Even if you were one of the winners of a Conductor Bassman bunny last year, you are eligible for the new prize--but the Bunnyball bunny, like Conductor Bassman, is limited to one win per person.

Good luck!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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