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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer 2016 Bunny Gacha: Faeries!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

To us, the Land of Oz is a distant fairyland. It's well known that it is nearly impossible for mere mortals to cross between our world and Oz; those few who have accomplished it have only done so via a magical object or a weather-related accident. 

For the Fae, though, it is a different story, and the faeries of our world often cross the barriers that protect Oz from outsiders. They explore, and play, and visit their Oz counterparts; for some, it is the first time they've been anywhere where they are unquestioningly believed in by everyone.

The faeries trade stories and gossip and news--any faeries you meet in our world can tell you EVERYTHING about the goings-on in Oz fae society! Conversely, any faeries you might meet in Oz know all about the ones in our world, though they'll laugh at you if you ask to hear "fairytales" or "myths"; they know that these are not legends, but the truth.

Earlier this year, the Fae of Oz visited the Ozimals workshop, and told us all about their favorite faeries, from all over the world. We woke up the next morning, dazed and confused in piles of leaves, unsure if we had actually met the faeries we remembered, or if it had merely been a vivid dream--but cuddled into the garden with us were very special bunnies, presents to all of you from the faeries' realm!

We are happy to introduce this year's summer gacha, awash in fae magic and full of limited edition elite bunnies, named for the famous Fae of our world!

Gachas, if you're curious, are like gumball machines: you pay a low price and receive a random prize, available only for a limited time through these machines! This set of gachas is L$50 per play; each play gets you a random elite bunny nest. These nests have unlocked ears and shades, which means that the bunnies they produce can have any currently available ear type or shade.

Each bunny is an elite, with a special elite "costume" unique to this gacha; once August arrives and the gachas go back to fairyland, these elites will not be available again. Like all elites, because it is a costume, these bunnies will not pass their appearance to their offspring.

However, these bunnies conceal special limited edition eyes that they CAN pass to their descendants. The "rare" bunnies in each machine are guaranteed to carry their limited edition eyes, while the "common" bunnies have a chance to do so! Each different bunny design has its own eye--each specific eye can only come from a bunny with the matching specific design. Please remember that just because the eye listed in the bunny's stats--what the bunny looks like under its costume--is not the LE eye, this doesn't mean the bunny isn't carrying it as a hidden genetic trait; careful breeding will reveal who's got it!

The Faeries gacha is split into two machines:

The "male" gacha has fourteen boy bunnies, representing the dark Fae; twelve common bunnies, pictured below, and two secret rare bunnies: the royalty of the dark Fae court!

The "female" gacha has fourteen girl bunnies, representing the light Fae; twelve common bunnies, pictured below, and two secret rare Fae Queen bunnies!

These machines will only be available through August 1st--then, they'll be whisked back to Oz, and these elite bunnies and their limited edition eyes will not be available again. Good luck, and happy breeding, and we hope to see some great Faeries images in the Ozimals Flickr group!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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