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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ozimals Winter Holiday Schedule

Hello, Ozimals friends!

We hope all of you--and all of your bunnies and Pufflings--are enjoying the holiday season!

Ozimals will have limited support between December 23, 2016, and January 2, 2017. This means that CSRs will not be inworld for their usual shifts, and that it may take longer to receive replies to your tickets. We'll tackle them as soon as we get back, don't worry, but in the meantime, don't be afraid to ask for advice in the inworld groups--our community is helpful and awesome!

As many of you know, the Ozimals winter holidays extend just a little longer than most people's, culminating in Oziversary on January 9th. We'll have much more information about how we're celebrating our birthday this year after the break, so stay tuned...

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ozimals Cozy 2016 Bunny Gacha

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Ozimals Cozy 2016 Gacha

We are happy to introduce this year's winter holiday gacha, Cozy 2016! These bunnies are snug in their holiday sweaters and ready to play in the snow, go caroling, help string tinsel on the tree, enjoy cocoa by the fire, air grievances, or anything else you might do to celebrate the season!

Gachas, if you're curious, are like gumball machines: you pay a low price and receive a random prize, available only for a limited time through these machines! This set of gachas is L$50 per play; each play gets you a random elite bunny nest. These nests have unlocked ears and shades, which means that the bunnies they produce can have any currently available ear type or shade. Additionally, these nests are random gender and can produce male or female elite bunnies. The Cozy 2016 gacha bunnies are all in one machine, with twelve "common" bunnies and no rares.

Ozimals Cozy 2016 Gacha Key

Each bunny is an elite, with a special elite "costume" unique to this gacha; once January 2nd arrives and the gacha machines melt into the winter snows of Oz, these elites will not be available again. Like all elites, because it is a costume, these bunnies will not pass their appearance to their offspring.

However, these bunnies conceal special limited edition eyes that they CAN pass to their descendants. Each bunny from the gacha has a chance at carrying any one of these twelve limited edition eyes. Please remember that just because the eye listed in the bunny's stats--what the bunny looks like under its costume--is not the LE eye, this doesn't mean the bunny isn't carrying it as a hidden genetic trait; careful breeding will reveal who's got it!

Good luck, happy breeding, and if you spend some time having winter fun with your bunnies, please post pictures to the  Ozimals Flickr group!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Ozimals Bunny Update 4.2

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Welcome to Bunny Update 4.2! Please read these notes carefully before you begin updating! 

Welcome to Bunny Update 4.2!

Update 4.2 is a non-mandatory update. What this means is that your bunnies will continue eating for two weeks without being updated, though each food you have rezzed out will message you once a day to remind you to update. If your bunnies are not updated to 4.2, they will not be able to breed with updated or new bunnies. Remember, a bunny takes 72 hours to go from 0% hunger to 100% and hibernation, so you have two weeks plus three days to update... just don't forget!

If your bunnies do hibernate, all you need to do is give them food, wait 24 hours for them to come out of hibernation, and then use the 4.2 updater.

All of the nests in the Bunnybury rewards vendor will be updated to version 4.2 nests on update day.

News & Additions:
Cozy 2016 Elite Bunny Gacha!
* New Bunnybury Exclusive Bunny
* Introducing Bunny Follows!

Cozy 2016 Elite Bunny Gacha!

We're celebrating the winter holidays with the help of twelve cozy little gacha prizes: the Cozy 2016 Elites! Each bunny has a chance at one of twelve limited edition eyes--and these elites are exclusive to this gacha. For much more information and pictures, please see our previous blog post. Gacha machines are out now, and will remain until January 2, 2017, at:

The Ozimals main store
The Ozimals satellite store @ Shamrock Market

New Bunnybury Exclusive Bunny!

There is a brand new Bunnybury Exclusive Bunny available from the Bunnybury vendors! This means that the last Exclusive, with Tart eyes and Opal Bandit fur, has been retired; those traits are no longer available.

Introducing Bunny Follows!

You've always been able to hold your bunnies, but now you can have them hop around with you. Bunnies do enjoy being carried on adventures, but they yearn for the freedom of the open road, too--though they'll stay with you rather than taking off on their own. For more information about how this works, please see the Ozimals wiki.

Happy updating!

****************IMPORTANT NOTES****************



Please check that you restore bonds, reset home near food and reprice if you had bunnies set for sale.

2.  If your update totem gets stuck on a bunny (after 5 minutes, it hasn't completed)  please TAKE THE CRATE into your inventory and delete the white bunny underneath.  Copy the crate prim description number.  File a support ticket ( ) and include that crate number for a replacement bunny.  Do not delete the crate until you receive your replacement bunny.

Once you pick up the crate and delete the white bunny, your update totem should move on to the next bunny in range.


The food does NOT get updated itself; it only communicates to you the need to update your bunnies. PLEASE NOTE!! You do NOT need to buy new food!  Once you update your bunnies, they will eat any recent version of food just fine.


2. Prepare your update area:

A.  Designate an "update area" someplace on the land you own.
B.  Rez your updater at the center of the update area.

C. It is important to only rez ONE updater!
D.  Pick up ALL third party scripted products (monitors, dispensers, servers, rings, etc.) and any other heavily scripted items in the area. These items can slow down or even prevent the update process from beginning or completing correctly. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

3. Update your bunnies:
    A.  Turn bunny movement off. Take a moment to record the bunny's ID if you do not already have it recorded.
    B.  Pick up your bunnies one at a time (do NOT pick up in a group!)
    C.  Rez up to 10 bunnies in your update area. The updater affects bunnies within a 9m radius (18 m circle with totem in center)
    D.  There will be a short delay before the updater begins; please be patient! :)
    E.  The bunnies will update one by one. A crate will appear over them and the process will be shown in hovertext above the box.
    F.  When all updates are completed, remove the updated bunnies from the update area, and put down the  next 10 un-updated bunnies.
    G.  Continue this process until your entire warren is updated.
    H.  After the update is completed,  RE-REZ ALL YOUR FOOD so it will detect that the bunnies have been updated. If you use any dispenser or server system, you need to remove the food from those systems and rerezz them.

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Friday, December 2, 2016

Coming Next Week: Ozimals Bunny Update 4.2!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

We will be updating the bunnies to version 4.2 this coming Tuesday, December 6th! Coming in this update: Winter Holiday Elite gachas, a new way to enjoy the holidays in the company of your bunny, and more new surprises! Please keep an eye on the blog and on group notices next Tuesday--see you then!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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