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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ozimals Cozy 2016 Bunny Gacha

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Ozimals Cozy 2016 Gacha

We are happy to introduce this year's winter holiday gacha, Cozy 2016! These bunnies are snug in their holiday sweaters and ready to play in the snow, go caroling, help string tinsel on the tree, enjoy cocoa by the fire, air grievances, or anything else you might do to celebrate the season!

Gachas, if you're curious, are like gumball machines: you pay a low price and receive a random prize, available only for a limited time through these machines! This set of gachas is L$50 per play; each play gets you a random elite bunny nest. These nests have unlocked ears and shades, which means that the bunnies they produce can have any currently available ear type or shade. Additionally, these nests are random gender and can produce male or female elite bunnies. The Cozy 2016 gacha bunnies are all in one machine, with twelve "common" bunnies and no rares.

Ozimals Cozy 2016 Gacha Key

Each bunny is an elite, with a special elite "costume" unique to this gacha; once January 2nd arrives and the gacha machines melt into the winter snows of Oz, these elites will not be available again. Like all elites, because it is a costume, these bunnies will not pass their appearance to their offspring.

However, these bunnies conceal special limited edition eyes that they CAN pass to their descendants. Each bunny from the gacha has a chance at carrying any one of these twelve limited edition eyes. Please remember that just because the eye listed in the bunny's stats--what the bunny looks like under its costume--is not the LE eye, this doesn't mean the bunny isn't carrying it as a hidden genetic trait; careful breeding will reveal who's got it!

Good luck, happy breeding, and if you spend some time having winter fun with your bunnies, please post pictures to the  Ozimals Flickr group!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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